The Problem


Many of us are unaware of what potential ticking time bombs we are driving on or driving next to.

Currently, there are over 53 Million vehicles in the U.S. with a safety recall. This includes personal vehicles, emergency response vehicles, and school buses.

How is a Recall started?

2 ways a recall is opened:

– Consumers having an issue with vehicle, may file a complaint with the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

If many other similar complaints are made, NHTSA will open an investigation and if needed will announce a recall.


– Manufacturer will voluntarily notify NHTSA of a recall.

What is an auto safety recall?

A recall is issued when a manufacturer or NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) determines that a vehicle, equipment or tire creates a safety risk or fails to meet minimum safety standards.

Does my vehicle have a recall?

By federal law the manufacturer is required to send a notification letter by mail. However, unless you were the first owner of the vehicle, chances are you may not be notified. You can also check if you go to and then enter your VIN.

How to get a recall fixed?

IT’S FREE!!! Take your vehicle to your nearest certified dealership and inform them your vehicle has a safety recall and you need it fixed ASAP. If you feel unsafe driving, demand for a temporary vehicle until yours is fixed. Dealerships will be compensated by the auto manufacturer.

The Tire Industry & Registration Forms

At the time of purchasing a tire or tires, a tire registration form is to be given to you by federal law. On this form it will allow each tire DOT code (also known as a TIN- Tire Identification Number) to be listed, as well as your name and mailing address, additionally having the tire retailer who sold you the tire(s) name, mailing address and phone number. This tire registration form is to be sent to the tire manufacturer and maintained for (5) years. If a recall is to be issued on your particular tire(s), this is the only way for you to be notified.

3 Ways to receive your Tire Registration Form

  • Tire retailer fills out and submits form on your behalf.
  • Tire retailer provides you tire registration form to complete and send.
  • Tire retailer may electronically file, however, on your invoice of payment it is to be indicated that your tires have been electronically registered.

Tire Industry Fails…

Many tire retailers fail to provide you with the tire registration form placing profits over safety.

– Additionally, tire manufacturers and retailers completely shift the responsibility onto the consumers.

Tire Expiration

Did you know that tires have an expiration date, just like food does?

When you buy new tires for your vehicle, chances are, they have been sitting on the shelf for some time and are not new at all. All tires have an expiration date, and if it’s been six years or longer than their date of manufacture, safety becomes a gamble.

Tire Failure can be a result due to…

  • Recall
  • Expired/Age
  • Under/Over inflated
  • Punctured by object
  • Tread depth loss

What is a Sun Belt? How does it affect me?

The Sun Belt consists of the southern tier of the United States. Due to these states having higher temperatures, studies have found that tire failures are more likely to happen in these states:


Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Southern California.