The Solution


Understanding what a safety recall is and the importance of getting it fixed as soon as possible, is critical for the safety and well-being of all.


The Tire Safety Foundation is proactive on the local, state, and federal levels to recommend and advocate for legislation that advances auto/tire safety, road safety, and the auto recall system regulations.

Over 53 Million Vehicles currently have an open safety recall!

Check your vehicle often for a recall!

Tip… When renewing your annual registration, also check your VIN

Tire Registration Forms

Be sure you ask and receive a Tire Registration Form.


If a tire retailer fails to provide you with one, be sure to go online directly to the tire manufacturers website and follow their directions on registering all tires.

3 Ways to receive your Tire Registration Form

  • Tire retailer fills out and submits form on your behalf.
  • Tire retailer provides you tire registration form to complete and send.
  • Tire retailer may electronically file, however, on your invoice of payment it is to be indicated that your tires have been electronically registered.

If you do not receive a form…

Let us know! In order to create change, we need to be aware of which businesses are not operating in compliance and enforce them to do so.

Auto/Tire Tips

Tires are the only component on a vehicle that has an identification number. Tire Identification Numbers (TIN) are very similar to a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


Just like you register your vehicle, be sure to register your tires.


Taking care of your vehicle not only ensures your safety but also helps prolong the longevity of your vehicle. This allows you save on costly repairs.

Tire Tread

Be sure to check your tire’s tread regularly and to replace your tires if the tread has been worn or down 2/32″. When you tread gets low, replacing your tires isn’t really an option, it’s a legal requirement. By law, your tires are considered to be unsafe for driving when they reach that 2/32″ level.

Be sure to check…

  • Lights (Headlights, Brakes, Turn-signals)
  • Fluids (Oil, Coolant, Washer-fluid)
  • Mirrors
  • Brakes

When to replace your tires

No matter what type of tires your driving on, winter (or snow) tires, all-season tires or summer tires, if the tread is worn and bald, your safety and traction are drastically impacted. Tread helps your tires grip the road and helps your vehicle respond quicker in adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow and ice.